Aaron J. Lebovitz

Aaron grew up in the Midwest and moved to Northern Virginia for a job in 2004 and promptly settled in to the area. Now married with two kids, Aaron calls the Washington, DC metropolitan area home despite keeping his loyalties to his hometown Kansas City sports teams.

Working for Nissan North America in 2004 out of their Mid-Atlantic Region in Herndon, VA, Aaron spent his time at Nissan as a field sales representative covering 3 Mid-Atlantic markets in succession before returning to the office for management rotations.  The last position he held before leaving for his MBA was as the region’s Retail Environment Manager where he helped dealers achieve the brand standards required to gain subsidies during the construction process of new facilities.

Aaron left Nissan in 2008 to pursue his MBA at The George Washington University. Believing that he would pursue a concentration in finance, Aaron found himself drawn to Real Estate Investment and Development and never looked back.

In the Spring of 2009, Aaron started as an unpaid intern at Fraser Forbes Real Estate Services where he learned the land sales business from the ground up – literally! Working with seasoned professionals, Aaron developed his skills and successfully brokered the sale of over $300M in land for residential and mixed-use developments during his time there.

It was also at Fraser Forbes where Aaron met Mychael Cohn and developed a strong working relationship. In April of 2017 Aaron realized the potential of working with Mychael at Cohn Property Group and CPG Realty and decided to join the newly formed company. At Cohn Property Group and CPG Realty, Aaron works to further the company’s mission of finding real estate investment opportunities in the Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas.