David I. Cohn

David CohnDavid is a third generation Washingtonian who has spent his professional life in the investment arena: first in the government sector, then in real estate brokerage, procurement, and development; and lastly, leveraging local start up’s as well as national business interests including documentary film/TV production, beverage industry, oil franchises, small cap mezzanine financing).

While studying Business Administration and Real Estate at American University, Mr. Cohn worked part time for the Carl M. Freeman Companies selling residential homes within a developed community. After college, Mr. Cohn started doing research and analysis of properties for the Montgomery County Housing Authority, where he ultimately redeployed real estate into subsidized housing. Several years later he expanded on this path when he joined the National Housing Partnership focusing on tax incentives for subsidized housing projects. These experiences laid the ground work for Mr. Cohn’s experience in apartment sales and development while utilizing state and local programs.

In 1972, Mr. Cohn joined the Carey Winston Company for a span of 25 years and became a partner in the Multifamily Investment Sale Division. His tenure in this arena weathered many market fluctuations including a surge in new development during the growth of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. David worked primarily with individual developers who relied on his expertise for asset analysis, negotiations, and his unique understanding of the local marketplace.

In the mid 1980’s, David was instrumental in the expansion of the Carey Winston Companies, when he and another partner launched the new Virginia division, expanding their geographic reach. David was an investment savvy entrepreneur that took a creative and unique approach to his investment sales brokerage business as he reinvested his commissions into the properties he sold. This was the beginnings of the Cohn real estate investment portfolio. To this day, Mr. Cohn remains partners and owns interests in over 60 properties in the Washington Metropolitan Region. David has been working in the real estate industry for 47 years and been involved in transactions totaling in excess of $1,200,000,000.

In 1992, Mr. Cohn joined Polinger Shannon & Luchs with another partner he helped develop an investment sales division. Expanding beyond apartment sales, his interest grew to working with a host of investors on mixed use, industrial, and retail development projects.

In 2002, David went out on his own, having procured 20+ projects with a partner that included retail center renovations, apartment projects, industrial sites, and the development of new retail centers.

In 2016, David remains involved with real estate acquisitions, negotiations, partnership structuring, and asset management through a diversified host of creative ventures. David has co-founded Cohn Property Group with his son as a platform to further grow the portfolio which now is in excess of 1.5 million square feet of commercial property and 4,000 multi-family units. David finds himself busier than ever having consummated nearly $100,000,000 in deals within the last two years with strategic partners.