Investment Sales

CPG Realty works to maximize asset value for our clients in dispositions to achieve above market yields. When engaged on the acquisition side for our clients, CPG Realty employs our knowledge base in conjunction with our deep local relationships to procure both on and off-market acquisitions for our clients. We integrate local market knowledge, skilled property analysis, and financial modeling with proven marketing strategies tailored to the client. We add value for buyers and sellers through our extensive database of qualified investors and owners of real estate. Our team is experienced in a wide range of property types:

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1031 Exchanges of Real Estate

If you are considering a trade of one property for another, you should consider how the
tax law of 1031 “like-kind” exchange would apply to the transaction.

General Rules

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code provides that property held as rental or investment property or property used in your business (“relinquished property”) can be exchanged for “like-kind” property also held as rental or investment property or property used in your business (“replacement property”) allowing you to defer your Federal, state capital gain and depreciation recapture income tax liabilities


Eligibility requires that properties exchanged be of “like kind.” However, this requirement is broadly defined, so exchanges of real estate or of personal (non-real estate) property will generally qualify. However, some types of property such as inventory and securities won’t qualify for like-kind exchange treatment. And if the exchange involves cash or other non-qualifying property, the receiving party will generally have to recognize gain to that extent.